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about noox products

the noox collection consists of soft, safe and huggable fabric playmats, soft toys and decorative cushions to play with or to cheer up your interior, your city experience can be completed with our key chains, post cards, greeting cards, notebooks and kwartet games: we have it all. noox products are great for gifting or as souvenirs! all our fabric products are printed with child safe ink on canvas linen and made by hand with a lot of love. 


we care very much about the world around us and that's why we want to take good care of it. we make sure to limit our waste material to an absolute minimum by producing small amounts. also we only collaborate with small suppliers, preferably in the  country where the products are sold, to make sure we generate income for local businesses. we like to work together in a mix of women from different cultures and backgrounds to learn as much as possible from each other. and - last but not least - we make sure we empower local women to be financially independent. together we can make the world just a little better :)